One Plug In The Wall, the newest album by The Hawkeyes

One Plug In The Wall

Ripping guitars and pulsing rhythm propel the band’s raw musical attitude while its lyrical honesty paints a portrait of working-class Pittsburgh, PA — the band’s hometown. In its sophomore release, The Hawkeyes draw from their years of experience touring the Pittsburgh music scene and other midwestern states since 2010.

What’s With The Title?

The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the band’s practice room — a meat locker-sized storage space in a small town north of the city that has just one electrical outlet to power the band’s gear. What some may perceive as an obstacle, The Hawkeyes turned into a strength. It forced them to strip down their music to the bare essentials of voice, rhythm, and “two guitars turned up like hell,” as they reference in the album’s title track.

It also served as a constant reminder of what it means to be a working-class rock ‘n’ roll band that draws its inspiration from the city in which it has lived, worked, breathed and loved. From the people they have met to the experience of playing that first gig in a smoky club with cheap beer, those influences have led to a collection of super tight, endearing songs that are representative of the band’s growth from an outlying rock act to a hometown staple that has performed on some of Pittsburgh’s biggest stages – Stage AE, Rex Theater, Thunderbird Cafe & Altar Bar. Not to mention some incredibly well-attended shows at out of town venues such as Radio Radio – Indianapolis IN, The Abbey Bar in Harrisburg PA, Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehobeth Beach DE & The Woodlands in Columbus OH.

A simple contemplation yet powerful notion from the album’s title track, “One Plug In The Wall,” which acknowledges the possibility that failure is an option, just as is success. But, one may only truly discover that if they actually take the risk to do what they intend and love to do, and follow through.

“So keep on now and never give up. Keep tellin’ yourself, got your mind made up.

Get yourself into that van. Tell me, are you ever gonna make it, man?”

More Than A Job

The first single, “Had Enough,” speaks to the realization that individuals in the band, along with their ideals and dreams, can be lost in the shuffle of the mundane, everyday 9-to-5 life. Facing the crushing reality of a broken dream is something that all people have had to endure, and this song reveals that musicians feel it just as hard; that being a musician takes just as much commitment and work ethic as any other typical career.

One Plug in the Wall represents The Hawkeyes’ appreciation for where they are now and their determination to leave a lasting, positive impression on every individual who comes into contact with their music. It is a humble reminder that you have to start somewhere, and that to get where you want to be, every note, every lyric, and every song counts. Each is a step on the path that the band has carved for itself…a path that started in that 10’x25’ room with the single electrical outlet.