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WRAP-UP: Big Steps, Big Moments, BIG GROWTH.

So we come to a close of our biggest & best summer season we’ve ever had in the history of this rock n roll band. The BIG SUMMER 2017 TOUR was just that & more, BIG, and do you know why? We see you out there folks!


Ranging from an awesome up close and friend filled party in Brazil IN. A super cool opening slot with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers back home. A mind-blowingly unforgettable weekend in Appleton WI at Mile of Music. A rock em- sock em big time rock show party at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Yet another kick ass night with our proud to call friends/mentors The Clarks in West Virginia. Last but not least a beautiful summer fan crushing closer at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach DE (cap it off with a marriage engagement moment with some super-fans to boot). We could hardly catch our breath at how far you’ve brought us as a result of this big time summer.

We grew in leaps and bounds on THE BIG SUMMER 2017 TOUR. Not just musically – though the constant jamming has made us tighter than ever – but we’ve grown because you wanted it to happen and we truly believe in our heart of hearts you want to see us grow for what we are. You saw those tour dates on the calendar and you answered the call. YOU SHOWED UP AND YOU ROCKED!

When you continue to come out to shows and engage with us on the social media posts – we grow. ┬áKeep telling us how happy you are for us and what we’re doing “out there on the road” – we grow. It’s through your eyes and ears, you’re undying support and your love that our confidence continues to grow exponentially. We take those tools when we roll into unknown territory like we did at Mile of Music And Sturgis this year, and the new audiences feed off of that “rock n roll swagger” thus wanting to experience more just as you do. You help give us those results. You help us grow.


That was THE BIG SUMMER 2017 TOUR in a nutshell – you coming out and helping us grow. Real fans like you showing your love for our bold and honest brand of rustbelt rock n roll and us being able to harness that into bigger and better live shows with so many new people this summer. Don’t look now but our fan base has doubled since spring because of all this – because of you.

Honestly, we can’t thank you enough for helping us live our dream. We can taste it now, the feel of being in a full-time, full-blown touring rock n roll band that we’re chest thumping proud to be in and you are uber proud to be fans of. We close out this big beautiful summer with a badass batch of new songs – road tested and ready to roll for our new upcoming recording project and most importantly a new bigger sense of purpose to take this thing to an even higher level than we could ever dream of. You with us? Hell yea you are…we can feel it, that’s why we love each and every one of you.

Stay in tune, stay positive, be cool and always love each other.

Love you all,

The Hawkeyes

THE BIG SUMMER 2017 TOUR – did you catch us somewhere? Let us know in the comments below!